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TMO Lighting is a British company based in Dorset producing exquisite lighting products for every lifestyle. Our range is unique and beautiful, designed to enhance the homes of tomorrow while adding life to the interiors of yesterday.

Our innovative techniques have been applauded by the press, and we have attracted a wide range of customers, including interior designers, property developers, hotels and restaurants.

Along with other - select - British craftsmen, we are also involved in 'The Slow Movement in Furniture' cementing our position among the Best of British design.

Hand Painted and Printed Lamp Shades

We offer an exclusive range of hand painted shades, bespoke to each client. Along with the hand painted designs, a wide range of screen printed shades is available. This part of the range is updated twice a year to ensure we are always aligned with current trends, and it also covers a wide range of budgets.

Lamp Bases

To complement the lampshades we have scoured the finest glass factories around Venice, and we can provide antique bottles that will fit in any context, old or new. Giving new life to these exquisite Italian bottles makes them a sustainable and a perfect choice for any space. And if glass isn't right for you, try our Ash Tripod bases, made by a local craftsman to our own design.

We are also introducing stylish ironwork stands to our range. Made by local craftsmen, the work remains loyal to the material, but has a simplicity that perfectly complements our lamp shades.

At TMO Lighting, our aim is to make any home, hotel, office, or simply a treasured corner into an admired and spectacular space; day and night.

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