Glass bases

We source our beautiful glass bases from a small family run firm near Venice. The exceptional smoky hue is a perfect colour for any interior. Many customers have commented on the stunning shape.

The bases are the perfect framework to display the range of shades and have the amazing quality of not taking up any visual space in a room. We have shown customers that even the largest bottle can sit happily in a small space without appearing dominant. The lovely reflective nature of the glass is an added dimension to the quality of the light in the room.

For when a more striking base is needed, we are also able to offer all our glass bases with either a bright or very dark silver pewterized finish - the photo below shows the brighter option.

This base is currently available in four sizes: 54 litres, 34 litres, 20 litres and 10 litre.

All of our bases are finished to a very high standard, with hand turned oak stops and 2.5 metres of quality cotton braided flex with inline switches.

Glass bases


54 litre
Height: 26"
Width: 18"
Recommended shade size: 22" Retro
Total height of base and shade: 36"

34 litre
Height: 22"
Width: 16"
Recommended shade size: 20" Retro
Total height of base and shade: 32"

20 litre
Height: 19"
Width: 14"
Recommended shade size: 18" Retro
Total height of base and shade: 27"

10 litre
Height: 15
Width: 11"
This base works with a 16" retro shade and has a total height of 23". Dimensions for 16" retro shade: 16" diameter at base, 12" diameter at top and side height of 11".

Pewterized Glass bases
Glass bases
Glass bases
Glass bases