December 2012 - We're pleased to add two new designs to our Printed Shades range - Tapa and Scroll are both now in the online gallery.

November 2012 - As promised, a photo of a pewterized glass base is now online. We're offering either a silver or a very dark silver finish on any of our glass bases; the photo shows the brigher option as we think it looks stunning!

October 2012 - We are now able to offer our fantastic glass bases with a superb pewterized finish. Photos will be coming shortly - but we couldn't resist telling everyone straight away!

October 2012 - The new TMO web site is here. With bigger and better photography and 'zoomable' photos of both hand-painted and printed lamp shades, we hope you find it both informative and easy to use.

October 2012 - We're pleased to learn that our lights are going to be featured in a forthcoming 'Telegraph on Saturday'. We'll provide more details as soon as we known them.

Wooden base and shade from the TMO Lighting range